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The Protection of Young Employees in the Workplace


Many people opt to enter the workforce at a very young age to earn some extra money, develop important skills, and get a jumpstart on their peers. These vivacious, motivated young employees certainly add value to the workplace, but as an employer, you cannot forget they’re still kids. Minor employees — especially those under 16… Read more »

How to Address a Process Flaw to Upper Management


As a professional working in engineering, manufacturing or operations management, you’re well aware of the complexities involved with keeping a business profitable. Every single process and procedure must perfectly align to keep workflows moving — as even one little flaw in the system can turn everything upside down. If you’ve found a glitch in one… Read more »

5 Reasons to Invest in Wearable Technology


Once a highly manual landscape, technology has increasingly infiltrated its way into warehouse operations. For your company to keep pace with competitors, you need to embrace these innovative changes. Wearable tech is primed to be one of the best investments you can make for the future of your organization, so find out why now is… Read more »

Companies Hitting Rivals With Supply Chain Poaching Lawsuits


It’s no secret that supply chain professionals are in high demand, but employers’ desire to keep top talent in place has reached a new level. Companies such as Target Corp. and YRC Worldwide Inc. have been served with lawsuits for allegedly poaching key supply chain professionals from rivals, solidifying the importance these professionals have to… Read more »

How to Work with Coworkers that are Becoming Increasingly Lazy


You go into the office each day and work hard for your paycheck, so it’s downright maddening to have a colleague who does the opposite. If you’re fed up with a chronically lazy co-worker, it’s time to devise a plan to ease your frustration. The last thing you want is to let this unmotivated person… Read more »

Investing in the Protection of Employees


As an employer, you’re faced with plenty of responsibilities, but none even come close to the obligation you have to keep your workers safe. Each year, millions of people are killed on worksites — often for highly preventable reasons — and this has to stop. It’s your responsibility to provide a safe worksite for your… Read more »

5 Recruiting Stats That Will Influence Your Hiring Process


If your hiring process isn’t as efficient as it could be, it’s time for a little fine-tuning. Use these stats from Officevibe to makes some much-needed changes. The average cost-per-hire is $4,000. Choosing the right person for the job the first time is more important than ever, as the average cost-per-hire is an overwhelming $4,000…. Read more »

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs by 80%


When brokering deals with suppliers, you work hard to negotiate the very best terms. In theory, this should significantly contribute to your bottom line, but if total profits never seem as high as they should, the cost of back-end processes, such as invoicing, could be to blame. Your company probably receives hundreds or even thousands… Read more »

A Year of Injuries | Recapping OSHA Update


In January 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) started requiring employers to report all severe work-related injuries within a 24-hour period. Many companies complied, as OSHA received a total of 10,388 reports, averaging approximately 30 per day. Unfortunately, as anticipated, thousands of workers sustained permanent injuries that will stay with them for the… Read more »

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