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5 Ways to Get a Job When You’re Underqualified


You found an incredible job opportunity. The company is fantastic, and the work is interesting; there’s just one problem — you’re not qualified for the position. It’s always disappointing to come across a great job, only to realize you don’t meet all the minimum requirements, but you’re not someone who gives up that easily. Where… Read more »

3 Tips on How to Reach Passive Job Candidates


When you post an open position, you get a lot of interest from active job seekers. These candidates watch job boards like hawks, because they’re interested in making an immediate career move. You’ll probably come across several qualified applicants, but oftentimes, the right person for the job already has one. Connecting with passive job candidates… Read more »

Here’s How to Keep Your Workers Safe in Extreme Heat


Labor Day has passed, signifying the unofficial end of summer, but the season isn’t actually over yet. Fall starts September 22, but that doesn’t mean temperatures will automatically acclimate. In many parts of the country, the fall months can be scorchers, so it’s important to keep your workers safe from the heat. Working outside in… Read more »

What Are Employers Looking for on an Engineering Resume?


You’re ready to start searching for a new engineering job, but first, you have to update your resume. Many candidates consider this part of the application process a mere formality, but it’s actually your ticket to success. Companies typically receive dozens, or even hundreds, of resumes for every job opening. However, only a small percentage… Read more »

State of the Labor Market: A Look at the Manufacturing Industry


A quick glance at employment statistics for the manufacturing industry gives the impression that most companies are fully staffed. For example, the unemployment rate for the manufacturing sector was 3.8% as of July 2018, compared with 3.9% for all occupations. Numbers like this imply that employers are having no trouble finding skilled-trade, engineering, and operations… Read more »

Importance of Attending Engineering Meetups


As a tech savvy person, you’re likely familiar with Meetup. In fact, there’s a good chance you already have an account on the site, designed to connect people with a shared interest. You might be using Meetup to expand your social circle, but you’ll be happy to hear it can also give your engineering career… Read more »

Fall Protection Guidelines to Keep in Mind


When employees begin their shift, they expect to end the day in the same physical condition. As an employer, it’s your job to do everything in your power to make this happen. In 2016, a horrifying 384 of 991 total deaths in construction were due to falls, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration…. Read more »

How to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate


Navigating a successful job search is hard work. The best positions attract a high volume of candidates, so to stand out from the crowd, you have to increase your marketability. You know you have a lot to offer any employer, but getting on a top hiring manager’s radar takes work. Use these tips to position… Read more »

Support Your Recruiting Effort by Partnering with a Specialized Staffing Firm


Serving as a company leader is a big job with plenty of responsibilities, including hiring. The people you select to work on your team directly impact organizational success, so the importance of choosing wisely can’t be understated. Managing a hiring process on your own is a full-time job in itself, so partnering with a recruiter… Read more »

How to Negotiate Salary in Your Next Engineering Job Interview


Searching for a new engineering job is an exciting time. You’re probably very eager to see what the next chapter of your career has in store, but first, you have to get hired. Along with search for a position that ignites your passion, you also need to be sure the salary will allow you to… Read more »

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