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Tips to a Successful Engineering Interview


You’ve taken all the right calculus and physics courses.  You’ve had previous internships or work experience at all the right firms.  You’ve even perfected your resume and cover letter. You get the call asking you to come in for an interview.  Here are four tips to help you ace the interview and stay top of… Read more »

MAC Inc. June Hot Jobs


While searching for a job online, you’ve spent countless hours scouring through job posting after job posting, reading hundreds of descriptions. By the time you find a job you’d like to apply for, you’re exhausted and click the “Save to my jobs” button.  You decide you’ll apply later.  Don’t let that be your excuse this… Read more »

Tips to Understanding Nonverbal Communication


Good communication is the framework for any workplace relationship. Because the majority of all communication is nonverbal, it is essential to know how to read nonverbal cues. With 55 percent of communication being body language and 39 percent voice influxes, nonverbal communication makes it easy to identify whether a candidate is a good fit for… Read more »

Cutting Through the Clutter: Resume Tips


With a competitive job market it is essential to surpass the competition and every advantage you can find helps. Job recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for each open position, and they end up tossing all but a few of them.  While there is no magical formula for writing a perfect resume, here are a few… Read more »

Challenges of the Food and Beverage Industry


Optimizing production levels while increasing output levels and maintaining safety for both the employee and end consumer are just a few key examples of the growing challenges faced by food and beverage plants as the industry becomes more globally focused. Below, we’ll discuss some of these issues in detail, along with the challenges the industry… Read more »

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