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Cover Letter Tips for Manufacturing Professionals


When applying for manufacturing jobs, many applicants spend hours upon hours writing, editing, and perfecting their resume, and spend much less time worrying about their cover letter. However, the cover letter is your first opportunity to engage with a potential employer. Without a strong cover letter, your resume likely won’t even be looked at.  Make… Read more »

Increasing STEM Education throughout the US


In recent years the United States has fallen behind globally in technology and science.  It’s the scientists, engineers, and innovators that have built our nation to become a global leader.  However, as fewer and fewer American students pursue expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields (otherwise known as STEM), many fear these positions as… Read more »

Cohesion in the Workplace | Helping Temp Employees Fit In


It’s easy for temporary employees to feel like outsiders at the companies they’re working for.  They often experience that awkward feeling that you get when you’re the new person hanging out in a group of old friends.  When hiring a temporary employee, it’s your job, as their manager, to make sure they feel welcome within… Read more »

U.S. Manufacturing Output Soars in August


The manufacturing industry took economists by surprise when the US manufacturing output declined 0.1% in July.  The experts were expecting to see an output increase of 0.3% as they predicted that the economy was starting to turn itself around when they saw a 0.2% increase in June of 2013. The leading cause of the output… Read more »

MAC Inc. Hot Jobs for September


When it comes to searching for the right job, timing may not be everything, but it is something. If you have been looking for a job this summer and haven’t had much luck, your next big break is just around the corner.  Studies show that hiring slows down in July before picking up at the… Read more »

Increasing Overall Team Morale through Automation


Today’s manufacturing organizations have to find creative and efficient ways to control costs and consider changing business needs and opportunities. Put simply, overworked employees underperform. One solution is the use of automation to help increase overall productivity.  Here are a few ways that many companies in the industry have found automation to be successful. Improving… Read more »

Discussing Safety in the Workplace


As a business owner or manager, it’s essential to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  Not only does a safe workplace enhance overall productivity in the organization, a health and safety program is required under the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Steps such as issuing safety manuals and establishing a safety committee… Read more »

Post-Interview Tips to Stay Top of Mind


You just aced your first interview for the operations management position you really want.  Now what?  Don’t be like the other candidates and let the waiting game get the best of you while the firm is undergoing their decision process.  Use these tips to stay top of mind and give yourself a competitive advantage over… Read more »

The Importance of Listing Qualifications on Your Resume – Reservoir Engineer


When applying for a reservoir engineering position, just like applying for any job position, you want your resume to stand out.  However, a resume for a reservoir engineer can be much more difficult to develop than a normal resume because the engineering field is very technical.  There is a high probability that the recruiter reading… Read more »

Manufacturing OSHA Update – Lockout/Tagout


A large percentage of accidents in the manufacturing industry occur due to failure to lockout/tagout (LOTO) machinery.  The three million workers that service manufacturing equipment every year are at great risk if your organization doesn’t develop and follow LOTO procedures.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed industry standards that must be followed… Read more »

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