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Using Big Data to Drive Supply Chain Efficiency in 2017 (Part 2 of 2)


Last month, we started a discussion on supply chain data and how you might not be effectively using the information at your fingertips. We looked at the 2017 whitepaper “Effectively Managing Big Data in Your Supply Chain” by SaaS logistics TMS platform Keubix, which carefully scrutinized the role of big data in the supply chain…. Read more »

Preparing for the Heat: Understanding Water. Rest. Shade.


For many employees, the temperature outdoors has no impact on the workday, because they’re sit at a desk inside an air-conditioned building. Things are a little different for your team, since most of their work takes place outside. Summer is on the horizon, so it’s time to start preparing for inevitable heat waves. More than… Read more »

Using Big Data to Drive Supply Chain Efficiency in 2017: Part 1 of 2


Chances are, your company has a lot of useful supply chain data that’s not being effectively utilized. On the surface, much of this information may appear irrelevant, but when pieced together with other key stats, it could be used to improve your transportation and logistics processes. “Effectively Managing Big Data in Your Supply Chain,” a… Read more »

How to Tell Your Second-Best Candidate They Didn’t Get the Job


After steering a grueling job search, it’s exciting to finally decide on your top choice. The offer letter is signed and the start date has been set, but there’s still one thing to do before you can relax — let your second-choice candidate know they didn’t get the job. Letting a candidate down is never… Read more »

Recapping OSHA’s Fall Prevention — Putting the 3 Steps Together


Worksite falls happen all too often, which is why we’ve spent the past three months discussing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) fall prevention program. In 2013 alone, 35% of all construction fatalities were falls. These accidents are entirely preventable and they need to stop now. Launched on a national level, OSHA’s fall prevention… Read more »

Common Sense Tips That Will Make You a Better Leader


As a dedicated leader, you’re always looking for ways to improve. You’re in charge of a great team of people, and you want to do everything possible to make their work life amazing. There’s no shortage of leadership advice out there, but some of the best is right under your nose. They’re common sense, but… Read more »

Standardize Your Hazard Communication Practices


As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your entire team safe at work, so you need to take this very seriously. Nothing is more important than making sure each and every person leaves your worksite happy and healthy — not deadlines, money, or any other factors. The phase-in period for the Occupational Safety and… Read more »

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