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Here is What You Should Be Asking Candidates During Interviews


You’ve conducted plenty of job interviews, but if they’re not resulting in the kind of hires you’d hoped for, you might be asking the wrong questions. For a response to really be telling, you have to ask a question that scratches the surface, forcing candidates to offer up a reply with substance. Add these questions… Read more »

Is Your Supply Chain Protected Against Cyber Attacks?


The Internet has opened the door to a world of exciting business prospects that would’ve never before existed, but it’s also paved the way for criminals to conduct cyber attacks. As technology continues to evolve, cyber intrusions have increased in volume and intensity, putting your supply chain at risk. Last year alone, the FBI’s Internet… Read more »

Stay Up to Date on OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application


At long last, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration has opened its Injury Tracking Application portal for submissions. Originally slated for a Feb. 1, 2017, unveiling, the launch of the portal was delayed until Aug. 1, 2017. Just weeks after its debut, OSHA briefly shuttered the site in mid-August, when the U.S. Department of Homeland… Read more »

Best Practices to Retain Your Best Employees


Right now, your employment roster is filled with incredible talent. Your company is thriving because you have a crop of seriously skilled professionals on your team. This is fantastic, but if you want it to stay this way, you need to make sure your business is the type of place top employees want to put… Read more »

5 Common Mistakes Supply Chain Companies Make and How to Avoid Them


Running a successful business is hard work, so you have to make sure you’re supported by a solid supply chain. The companies in this network can help you achieve a new level of success or inhibit the growth of your organization. Knowledge is power. Take a look at five mistakes commonly made by supply companies… Read more »

10 Things to Make You a Better Leader


As an amazing leader, you’re always searching for ways to learn and grow. Continued self-improvement is the key to being the kind of person your talented employees deserve. Leadership isn’t always easy, but it comes with incredible rewards. Use these tips to become even more effective in your high-profile role. 10 Ways to Become a… Read more »

How to Engage With Millennial Employees?


They’ve been the largest generation in the U.S. workforce since 2015, but millennials are still a mystery to many of their senior counterparts. Defined by the Pew Research Center as those born between 1981 to 1997, these young professionals work a little differently than their Generation X and baby boomer peers. Since Millennials entered the… Read more »

Tips on How to Add Value to Your Supply Chain


In its current state, your supply chain is good, but there’s always room for improvement. Constantly working to enhance the customer experience will allow your company to remain relevant and head of the curve. Incorporating value-added services into your supply chain can give you a competitive advantage, so consider making a few strategic changes. 5… Read more »

How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy


Happy employees are the key to a productive and engaged team. People who feel fulfilled by their jobs are passionate about the work itself and the company they represent. If you’re not sure if your team is happy, pay closer attention to their behavior. People who are constantly cranky, frequently absent, and spend most of… Read more »

Should Your Warehouse be Welcoming or Discouraging Wearables?


Wearable technology is changing the way warehouses operate. New devices are constantly appearing, allowing warehouses to boost productivity, cut costs, and increase accuracy. Tech savvy gadgets like smart glasses are making traditionally time-intensive tasks — e.g., sorting and shipping — a breeze. No doubt, you’ve heard of these innovations and are wondering if you should… Read more »

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