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Top Job Trends to Watch in 2018


If you’ve grown out of your current position, you’re probably planning to launch a job search in 2018. Starting a new chapter in your career is exciting, but looking for a new job can also be very nerve-wracking — especially if you’ve been with the same company for a while. Job search trends come and… Read more »

Can I Still Apply For a Job I Don’t Qualify For?


It’s always discouraging to come across a posting for job that really interests you, only to realize you don’t meet the minimum qualifications. When this happens, you have two choices — give up and move on the next or prove you have what it takes to succeed at the job. As an ambitious professional, you’ll… Read more »

How to Stay Motivated During an Extended and Frustrating Job Search


When you’re unemployed or seriously unhappy in your current role, every day your job search drags on can feel like an eternity. According to the 2015 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 41% of companies have an average time-to-hire of 31 to 60 days. If yours passed this mark long ago, your feelings of frustration are totally… Read more »

Improving Your Job Search Starts With These Tips


If it’s been a while since you started your job search, you’re probably feeling a bit discouraged. The average time to hire in the U.S. is 43 days, according to a 2015 Jobvite survey, so if you’re encroaching on this number, it’s time to switch things up. Make your job search a success by incorporating… Read more »

Common Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Questioning Your Career Path


At some point in their career, most people have a few moments of self-reflection, causing them to wonder if they’re on the right path. For many, this feeling is fleeting, triggered by a bad day or a feeling of temporary insecurity. However, if you regularly find yourself wondering if you made the right career choice,… Read more »

Reasons to Look for a New Job, Even if You’re Employed


You’ve been happily employed at a great company for years. Your career is humming along nicely, which is great. But you hear from employment agencies in your area that a new position just opened that’s a great match for your skills and experience. What do you do? It’s easy to get complacent when we’re satisfied… Read more »

Low-Cost Gift Ideas to Show Your Boss You’re Thankful for Your Job


  As the holidays approach, coming up with ideas to give your boss a token of your gratitude for another great year can be a little nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you don’t want to be too cheap and make your supervisor think you don’t care. On the other hand, you don’t want to go… Read more »

What Mobile Apps Can Help You Become Better Organized at Work?


Organization is the key for productivity. Without it, projects go missing, schedules get overbooked, and individuals quickly become overwhelmed with stress. In years past, organizational tips weren’t necessarily someone without a natural penchant for order could learn. But that was before. In today’s technological world there are dozens of tools that can help everyone become more organized…. Read more »

References are Necessary! Use Your Contacts Well


Finding a new job is essentially a full-time gig itself. You’ll spend hours upon hours searching for jobs online, tailoring your cover letter and resume each time you submit an application, and networking, but there’s another key step you can’t forget — gathering references. When interviewing with a potential employer, you’ll be expected to provide… Read more »

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