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5 Tips For Keeping Your Skilled Tradesmen Happy


The best skilled tradesmen give your company a competitive edge. These gifted workers spent years honing their skills, allowing them to have their choice of employers. If you want to attract top talent — and keep them on staff — you need to treat them right.

Cutting corners and doing the bare minimum to get by simply won’t cut it. Find out what it takes to be the kind of company top skilled tradesmen truly value.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Skilled Tradesmen Happy

Train Them Thoroughly

Every company has a different way of doing things. It doesn’t matter how long a skilled tradesperson has been in the business, they still need a proper introduction to your company. This will allow them to do their job better and uphold safety standards practiced by your organization. If they have to figure everything out on their own, they’ll question their decision to join your team.

Provide Adequate Equipment

As an employer, you’re responsible for providing your skilled tradesmen with the equipment needed to correctly — and safely — do their job. If machinery isn’t properly maintained or the right tools aren’t provided, it will be impossible to complete work as intended. This, of course, is very frustrating for top talent. Requiring skilled tradesmen to use inadequate equipment is also a safety risk they won’t be happy to take.

Make Safety a Priority         

When skilled tradesmen report to work each day, they want to finish their shift in the same physical condition. Rightfully, they expect their employer to follow safety guidelines instituted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — including providing PPE, when necessary. When proper precautions aren’t followed, many skilled trades jobs can become very dangerous. Being an employer that always puts safety first will keep you in business, while making your skilled tradesmen feel valued.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Money isn’t the only way to satisfy skilled tradesmen, but it doesn’t hurt. Since compensation directly dictates their quality of living, they appreciate employers willing to pay what thier worth. Use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to gauge average wages for their line of work in your geographic region. Offer at least average rates, and if you can swing it, pay them a little more.

Make Them Feel Heard         

Skilled tradesmen are experts in their respective fields, so ask for their opinions on projects and really listen. It’s beyond frustrating to work for an employer who insists on having work done a certain way, when you have the expertise to know it doesn’t make sense. Giving them a voice makes it clear that you respect them and want them to feel satisfied with their work.

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