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The Top 5 Qualities Good Engineers Have in Common


Engineers can be found in a variety of specialties — i.e., civil, mechanical, electrical — but the good ones share the same fundamental qualities. When hiring a new engineer to join your team, it’s important to look for these core characteristics.

Obviously, hiring criteria will vary according to the specific engineering role you’re working to fill and the unique needs of your company. However, it’s important to ask behavioral interview questions tied to the five attributes below, because you don’t want to hire an engineer who doesn’t possess them.

5 Must-Have Qualities for Engineers

Excelled Team Player

Engineering work is largely performed as part of a team, so the ability to work well with others is a must. Whether they’re designing new systems or troubleshooting problems, they need to be able to thrive as part of a group.

Skilled Problem Solver

Resolving issues is a huge part of an engineering role. You need someone who can work quickly to get to the root of a problem and come up with a solution. This also requires the ability to stay calm under pressure and use creative thinking skills, as some issues are much more challenging to sort out than others.

Unwavering Focus

The best engineers have the ability to become laser-focused on the projects they’re working on. This is driven by their passion for the work and subsequent desire to present a flawless final product. Along with the ability to really put their head down and concentrate, they also possess a keen eye for detail. Top engineers are aware that even small mistakes can have major safety repercussions, and they take that very seriously.

Natural Curiosity

Inherently intellectual, the best engineers are on a permanent quest for knowledge. They’re always interested in how things work, and enjoy the challenge of finding better, more efficient processes and procedures. It’s this curiosity that leads to the kind of innovation that can put your company on the map.

Outstanding Communicator

An engineer’s job is very technical in nature, but they frequently work with colleagues and clients who don’t share this know-how. Top engineers have the ability to speak industry jargon with their peers, but can easily translate this lingo into understandable terms for everyone else.

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