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Most In-Demand Skilled Trades in 2019


Skilled trades is a broad field encompassing plenty of talents. From electricians to roofers, this employment category is crucial to society as we know it. If you’re already working a skilled trade or considering pursuing a career in one of these areas, you’re in for a very rewarding experience.

Demand for all occupations is projected to increase 7 percent through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, certain skilled trades jobs are expected to grow faster than average, meaning plenty of open positions.

7 In-Demand Skilled Trades in 2019

Construction Managers

Construction managers are in charge of a construction project from start to finish. They handle a wide variety of duties, including planning, budgeting, problem-solving, logistics, and supervising. Demand for construction managers is expected to increase 11 percent through 2026.


Electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems in just about every building standing tall today. Demand for electricians is expected to increase 9 percent through 2026.

Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters handle the installation and repair of pipes that carry liquids or gases to, from, and throughout buildings. Demand for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is expected to increase 16 percent through 2026.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevator installers are tasked with installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other platform lifts. Demand for elevator installers and repairers is expected to increase 12percent through 2026.


Using a variety of materials — i.e., shingles, metal — roofers install, repair, and replace the roofs on just about every standing structure. Demand for roofers is expected to increase 11 percent through 2026.

Masonry Workers

Otherwise known as masons, masonry workers construct walls, walkways, fences, and other masonry structures, using bricks, concrete, and stone. Demand for masonry workers is expected to increase 12 percent through 2026.


Ironworkers are responsible for the installation of structural and reinforcing iron and steel that create and support buildings, bridges, and roads. Demand for ironworkers is expected to increase 13 percent through 2026.

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