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Even If You Don’t Have a Job Opening, You Better Be Recruiting!


It’s a challenge to find quality skilled trades professionals in today’s competitive market. Of course, if you’ve had to fill an open position this past year, this isn’t news to you.

The importance of hiring quality candidates cannot be emphasized enough, so it’s time to change your approach. Partnering with a top recruiting firm is the best way to ensure you have access to top skilled trades professionals when you need them. Find out what you have to gain by teaming up with the experts to make ongoing recruiting part of your culture.

It’s a Job Seeker’s Market

The unemployment rate is a record low 3.7%, as of October 2018. Fewer available candidates means you can no longer rely on those currently unemployed to fill your open positions. Maybe the best person for your skilled trades opening is currently looking for work, but more likely, they’re gainfully employed.

Finding Passive Talent Takes Work

Every skilled trades professional with a job isn’t necessarily planning to stay in their current position forever, but if they’re happy enough right now, they’re probably not checking job sites. Since they’re not looking for work, you need your recruiter to track them down and get your company on their radar. This requires a great deal of time and energy, so don’t wait to get started until it’s time to hire.

Reactive Hiring Doesn’t Work

Being short-staffed is hard on the entire team, so this adds a level of urgency to the hiring process. When you’re desperate to fill a skilled trades position yesterday, you become willing to overlook red flags that indicate a candidate isn’t the best fit. Before long, you’ll realize you made a mistake in hiring the person, and you’ll have to start right back at the beginning.

Build a Talent Network

When you work with a niche-based staffing firm, your recruiter gradually builds a talent pipeline you can access on an as-needed basis. Instead of starting at square one when you need to hire, you’re able to reach into your talent pool and choose from a list of vetted candidates who have already expressed interest in your company.

Top skilled trades professionals are always in demand, so don’t wait until you have a job opening to start recruiting. MAC Incorporated is here to connect you with top talent you won’t find anywhere else, so contact us today to discuss your needs!


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