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Common Interview Mistakes You May Be Making


Landing an interview for a job you’re really interested in is always exciting. However, that excitement quickly turns into frustration when you’re passed up by another candidate — especially when it becomes a habit.

If you’ve been scoring a good amount of interviews, but still haven’t received an offer, it’s very possible you’re inadvertently doing something that’s taking you out of the running. It’s time to get to the bottom of this, so you can finally get the job you deserve.

Failing to Conduct Adequate Research

Before inviting you to an interview, hiring managers carefully review your resume. Consequently, they already know you have the basic skills needed to do the job. One thing they want to assess by meeting you in person is your enthusiasm for the position.

This is largely conveyed by the amount of background research you’ve conducted on both the company and the job itself. If you know very little about either, they’re going to assume you’re chasing a paycheck, instead of this particular job at their company.

Not Dressing the Part

Dressing to impress takes on a different meaning at every company. Traditional interview protocol requires all candidates to arrive in a suit and tie, but these days, that isn’t always the right choice. Many modern companies have very relaxed dress codes, so if you show up in business formal attire, you’re going to look like a poor cultural fit.

As a general rule, choose an outfit that’s one step up from the company’s standard dress code. For example, if employees follow a casual dress code, wear business casual, not a suit.

Asking Questions That Lack Substance

You shouldn’t be the only one in the hot seat during an interview. Hiring managers know the best candidates want to learn as much as possible about the position, so they can find the best fit.

At the end of the interview, when the tables turn and you’re allowed to ask questions, you better come up with something good. If you say you don’t have anything or ask something trivial — i.e., related to salary, vacation, or perks — you’ll send the impression you’re not there for the right reasons.

Getting Too Comfortable

Some interviewers play hardball with candidates, but others are very relaxed and easy to talk to. With the latter, it’s easy to let your guard down and get a little too personal, which can work against you.

If you get the job, you might become friends with the interviewer, but at the moment, they’re holding your professional fate in their hands. Therefore, keep the conversation strictly business, and resist the temptation to bring up topics of a personal nature.

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