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Having Trouble Finding Good Engineers? Here’s Why…


Engineers are in high demand. Nearly 140,000 new engineering jobs are expected to be created through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This need, paired with the 3.7 percent unemployment rate, as of September 2018, means it’s an engineering candidate’s market.

Since engineers have their choice of employers, you really have to step things up. If any aspect of your company is unappealing to top talent, they’re going to pass on the job opening.

5 Reasons You’re Having Trouble Finding Good Engineers

Low Salaries

The best engineers know their worth. Money isn’t the sole reason they chose this career path, but they deserve to get paid — and they know it. The median annual salary of engineers is $91,010, according to 2016 data from the BLS. This, of course, varies by specialty, as civil engineers earn a median annual wage of $83,540, while petroleum engineers bring in a median annual salary of $128,230. If you’re paying below-average salaries, you can’t expect people to choose your company over a competitor.

Subpar Perks

You don’t want engineering candidates to be interested in your company solely for the perks, but you have to give a little to measure up to your competitors. In addition to standards like a comprehensive healthcare plan and retirement savings, people value benefits like flexible schedules, on-site childcare, generous or unlimited paid time off, and free snacks in the breakroom. If an engineer has to choose between your company and one that offers these perks, you probably won’t win.

Bad Bosses 

A bad boss can turn a dream engineering job into a nightmare. In today’s digital era, news of poor management travels fast. Take a look at your company’s profile on review sites like Glassdoor. If bad bosses are noted in reviews, most potential candidates are reading these and deciding against applying.

Lack of Employee Recognition

Top engineers don’t work hard to receive praise, but everyone enjoys being credited for a job well done. Lack of employee recognition is another topic that could be publicized on review sites like Glassdoor. If current and former employees write reviews complaining their contributions aren’t acknowledged, this could be deterring potential candidates.

Not Working With a Staffing Partner

Engineering recruiters fill open positions for a living. They maintain talent pools filled with active and passive candidates, allowing them to find the best fit for any job — and fast. If you’re not working with a staffing firm, you’re missing out. In addition to filling positions currently open on your team, they can build proactive recruiting pipelines specifically for your company, so key relationships are already established when engineering jobs open up.

Finding good engineers can be a challenge, so leave the work to MAC Incorporated. We won’t stop searching until we fill every open position on your team with top talent, so contact us today to get started!


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