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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Job


You’ve been in your job for quite some time, and things aren’t going so well. In the beginning, you were excited about both the company and your position, but that seems like a lifetime ago.

Still, getting a new job is a huge move. You think about it constantly, but you’re not sure if that’s what you really want. It’s a big decision, but if any of the five signs below sound self-descriptive, you’re ready to seek new opportunities.

There’s Nothing Left to Learn

Once upon a time, you found your job stimulating. It was filled with challenges you enjoyed overcoming, which left you feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Slowly but surely, this tapered off and now you’re bored all the time. You’ve mastered the responsibilities associated with the job, and despite asking your boss for more responsibility, your duties haven’t changed.

You’re Not Getting Along With Co-Workers

Spending at least 40 hours per week with people you don’t really like is rough. If you’re constantly upset by clashes with your colleagues, it’s time to head out. You might be subconsciously picking fights because you’re unhappy with your job or they might be genuinely awful. No matter who’s at fault, you need to get out of this toxic situation.

You Feel Invisible

Constant attention from your boss isn’t something you need or want, but you often feel like you’re not part of the team at all. Despite your expertise, your manager doesn’t bother asking for your input on projects and while you work extremely hard, your accomplishments always fly under the radar. You’re a very talented person who any company would be fortunate to have, so if your current employer doesn’t appreciate you, it’s time to find one that does.

Constant Restructuring

Every company goes through changes, but if yours is constantly shuffling people around, this isn’t a good sign. Constant organizational chaos is often a sign of a much larger issue — i.e., a looming bankruptcy — that could leave you out of work. It’s much better make your exit now, than wait around for a pink slip that could be headed your way sooner rather than later.

You Hate Going to Work

No matter what the circumstances, if you dread Monday mornings — and every weekday for that matter — like the plague, this isn’t normal. Work is something that should make you feel happy and fulfilled. Clearly, this isn’t happening, so get to the root of the problem. When you figure out what’s going on, use this to help you find a new job that makes you excited to go to work each day.

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