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5 Ways to Get a Job When You’re Underqualified


You found an incredible job opportunity. The company is fantastic, and the work is interesting; there’s just one problem — you’re not qualified for the position.

It’s always disappointing to come across a great job, only to realize you don’t meet all the minimum requirements, but you’re not someone who gives up that easily. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so use these tips to prove you’re the right person for the position.

5 Ways to Get a Job When You’re Underqualified


Display Enthusiasm

Other applicants are definitely more qualified than you, but if they don’t have the right attitude, they won’t get very far. Put your sunny disposition on display to show the hiring manager how excited you are at the possibility of landing the position. More qualified candidates might consider it just a job, so explain why it’s so much more to you.

Highlight Your Potential

Right now, you don’t have all the required qualifications, but you can change that. Devise a plan to get up to speed as quickly as possible and share it with the interviewer. Give an example of a time in the past you had to acquire a skill in very little time to show your track record of success.

Demonstrate a Strong Cultural Fit

Skills can be learned, but it’s relatively impossible to change a candidate’s personality. Conduct as much research as possible on the company to learn about its culture, then use your knowledge to present yourself as the right fit. For example, dress appropriately for the interview, explain how your values align with the company’s, and choose the right follow-up method.

Find an Inside Connection              

A personal introduction can get you far in a job search. Hiring decisions are a big deal, so managers feel more comfortable choosing a candidate backed by someone they know and trust. They know their contact wouldn’t recommend someone who couldn’t handle the position, making them more likely to give you a chance.

Be Honest

The hiring manager knows you’re not qualified for the job, so address the elephant in the room. Explain that you know you’re not the candidate they envisioned, but you will grow into that person if they’re willing to take a chance on you. Honesty is refreshing and it showcases your strong sense of self, which will certainly make a good impression.

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