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3 Tips on How to Reach Passive Job Candidates


When you post an open position, you get a lot of interest from active job seekers. These candidates watch job boards like hawks, because they’re interested in making an immediate career move. You’ll probably come across several qualified applicants, but oftentimes, the right person for the job already has one.

Connecting with passive job candidates requires a little extra effort, but they’re worth it. Here’s three tips to get in front of professionals with a job they might consider leaving for the right opportunity.

Attend Networking Events

Passive talent is happy where they are. They might not be in their dream role, but they’re content for the time being, so you won’t catch them cruising job fairs or perusing job boards. Instead, these people are focused on networking. If you want to get in front of them, attend networking mixers, seminars, conferences and other industry events. These ambitious professionals enjoy their work and are constantly searching for ways to learn and grow. When you meet a promising candidate, give them your elevator pitch and see if you can pique their interest.

Take on a Staffing Partner

Building and maintaining relationships with passive talent is just another day at work for a recruiter. Staffing professionals understand the importance of considering both active and passive candidates for an opening, so they have you covered. When you partner with a recruiter, you get access to their contact list, which will contain all the passive talent needed to make the best possible hiring decision.

Ask Employees for Referrals

Each of your employees has a network filled with like-minded professionals. Their former colleagues, clients, classmates and other associates might be your next great hire, so ask them for referrals. Since they’ll be working closely with the selected candidate, people enjoy having a voice in the hiring process. Your team won’t want to let you down, so you can be confident they truly believe in anyone recommended. Up the ante by offering a bonus to staffers who refer a successful candidate — who stays on staff — to get them really enthused.

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