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What Are Employers Looking for on an Engineering Resume?


You’re ready to start searching for a new engineering job, but first, you have to update your resume. Many candidates consider this part of the application process a mere formality, but it’s actually your ticket to success.

Companies typically receive dozens, or even hundreds, of resumes for every job opening. However, only a small percentage of candidates actually score an interview invite. Find out how to craft an engineering resume that catches the employer’s attention.

4 Things Employers Look for on an Engineering Resume

Quantified Accomplishments

Any candidate can talk a good game, but numbers don’t lie. Show the reader how far your talents extend by quantifying as many accomplishments as possible. For example, writing you developed a process that saved the company $150,000 per year sounds a lot more impressive than simply stating you’re skilled at refining outdated procedures.

Key Projects

If you have years of experience in a certain engineering specialty, adding projects to your resume could give it more weight. For each project, include employer or client name, a brief description, and the outcome to give the hiring manager a strong idea of your capabilities. It’s okay to include this right on your resume if only listing a few, but create an addendum if the list is long enough to usurp the rest of your content.

Perfect Polish

The best engineers have a knack for precision, so let this shine with the quality of your resume. Proofread it several times and ask at least one person you trust to review it, because spelling and grammatical errors will likely cause you to be eliminated. From the employer’s perspective, if you can’t submit a flawless resume, this doesn’t forecast good things for your work ethic.

Personal Touch

Every engineering job you apply to is different, so you can’t submit the exact same resume to each one. Hiring managers know when a resume has been tailored to fit the position, and they appreciate it. This highlights your enthusiasm for the job and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself as the best fit for the specific position. This step adds extra time to the application process, but it’s time well spent.

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