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How to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate


Navigating a successful job search is hard work. The best positions attract a high volume of candidates, so to stand out from the crowd, you have to increase your marketability.

You know you have a lot to offer any employer, but getting on a top hiring manager’s radar takes work. Use these tips to position yourself as the best person for the job you really want.

4 Ways to Make Yourself a More Marketable Candidate

Tailor Your Resume

If you’ve been out of the job search for awhile now, you might not realize customizing your resume for each opportunity is no longer an option — it’s a requirement. Many employers use keywords and phrases to filter out irrelevant resumes, and if yours doesn’t contain a certain percentage, you’ll be automatically disqualified. Beyond that, hiring managers want candidates willing to go the extra mile for the job at their company, so if you don’t personalize your resume it sends the message you’re not that interested in the position.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

More than just a way to connect with others, social media makes it easier than ever for potential employers to learn more about candidates. If your social media accounts are publicly available, recruiters are checking them out. Nearly half — 47% — of recruiters frown on photos of alcohol consumption, 60% don’t care for oversharing, and a whopping 72% view typos in a negative manner, according to the Jobvite 2016 Recruiter Nation report.

Avoid letting your social media accounts work against you by taking the time to review all past posts. Delete anything you’re even remotely unsure about, because it could ruin your chances of getting hired.

Network Like It’s Your Job

Let your existing contacts know you’re seeking new opportunities, but don’t stop there. Who you know will get you far in your career, so make a point to expand your network. Connect with industry influencers on social media, attend networking events, and request informational interviews to raise your profile. Someone you cross paths with might have the power to change your career for the better, so take every opportunity to make new contacts.

Update Your Credentials

Employers don’t always expect candidates to meet every requirement listed on a job description, but if you’re lacking a skill or credential noted in many listings, consider doing something to change that. It could be as simple as completing a quick online course or you might have to go back to school to earn an additional certification or degree. It might seem like a lot of work right now, but investing in yourself is something you’ll never regret.

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