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Support Your Recruiting Effort by Partnering with a Specialized Staffing Firm


Serving as a company leader is a big job with plenty of responsibilities, including hiring. The people you select to work on your team directly impact organizational success, so the importance of choosing wisely can’t be understated.

Managing a hiring process on your own is a full-time job in itself, so partnering with a recruiter can make a world of difference. Of course, all recruiters can’t provide equal value, so choose one who fits your niche.

4 Reasons to Partner With a Specialized Staffing Firm


Make Sure the Job is Fully Understood

Many recruiters market themselves as a jack of all trades, but knowing a little of everything essentially makes them a master of nothing. If your staffing partner doesn’t have a clear understanding of the job, how it fits into the team, and your company in general, they won’t be able to find the right fit.

Get Better Quality Hires

Niche-based staffing firms work exclusively in their designated field. Since their sole focus is limited to a particular area, they’re able to develop an expansive network that goes well below the surface. For example, MAC Incorporated specializes in the placement of engineering, maintenance, and operations management professionals, allowing recruiters to cultivate better relationships with the kind of talent you want to hire.

Find Specialized Talent

For most people, connecting with candidates who have a very particular background can be a challenge, but it’s just another day at work for a specialized recruiter. Since niche-based firms work with a limited candidate base, they can easily accommodate requests general staffing agencies might not be able to handle — at least not to your satisfaction. For example, MAC Incorporated has been working with government agencies to fill positions with high-quality, security-cleared professionals since becoming a GSA (TAPS) Temporary Administrative Professional schedule holder back in 2006.

Lower Your Payroll Costs

Traditional hiring methods typically focus on acquiring permanent, full-time workers, but that’s not the only way to staff your team. Since a specialized recruiter really knows the industry, they can help you decide the best way to categorize the job — i.e., permanent placement, temp-to-hire, or temporary — and connect you with talent ready to step in. Optimizing your employment roster can save your company an inordinate amount of money.

Struggling to find the right engineering, maintenance, and operations management professionals for the job? MAC Incorporated has the expertise and connections needed to help you hire right every time. Contact us today to discuss a partnership!


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