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Top Reasons Why You Should Be Skilled in SolidWorks


As an engineer, you’re certainly familiar with SolidWorks — a solid modeling computer-aided design and engineering program — but you haven’t really dug into it. It’s time to stop thinking about learning this software and finally immerse yourself in it.

Whether you’re thinking about looking for a new job or seek advancement at your current company, SolidWorks is a skill that will take you into the future. Here are a few benefits you’ll gain by choosing to invest in yourself with this program.

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Skilled in SolidWorks


Develop Your Skills

Even if your company isn’t currently using SolidWorks, it’s still worth acquiring this knowledge. This software seamlessly integrates tools for every stage of product development and management, allowing you to work faster and smarter. Become skilled at this program, then introduce it to your boss. This is a great way to show initiative and your commitment to helping the company become even more efficient.

Highlight Your Expertise

Certifications speak louder than words alone. It’s one thing to say you’re familiar with SolidWorks, but earning at least one of the nearly 20 certifications — ranging from Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) to specialties like sustainability and sheet metal — offered really emphasizes your skill level. Expect to be treated with a higher level of esteem when you’re a certified expert.

Move Up the Ladder

Failing to acquire SolidWorks skills could hinder your upward mobility at your current job. If your employer currently uses this software or adapts to it in the near future, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to advance without this knowledge. Obtaining the right certifications also highlights your ambition and commitment to the job, which will give you an edge on your peers who don’t possess these skills.

Become More Marketable

If a company that uses SolidWorks has to choose between you and a candidate with a certification, you probably won’t get the job. Having this experience on your resume adds weight to your candidacy because potential employers want someone with a relevant skillset. The SolidWorks website lists many large companies as customers, including Bausch & Lomb, CamelBak Products, LLC, and Mary Kay Inc., so if these industry leaders are using it, others will follow suit.

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