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5 Ways to Show Management You’re Ready for More Responsibility


You’ve been in your current job for awhile now, and you’re comfortable with all the responsibilities on your plate. As an ambitious person, you enjoy challenging work, but right now you’re not getting that rush you crave.

Clearly, you’re ready to take on more, so it’s time to show your boss you can handle it. Here are five ways to prove you’re ready, willing, and able to add a few new tasks to your list.

Be a Model Employee

From your manager’s prospective, it’s a big deal to trust you with additional responsibilities. Make it clear you can be counted on by putting your best self forward. Come to work on time, meet all deadlines, contribute in meetings, be kind to your peers, and adhere to all other company policies. This might seem like basic advice, but if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll send the impression you don’t care.

Show Enthusiasm

A great attitude goes a long way. Inspire your boss to give you more responsibility by completing every task with a smile — including the boring, frustrating ones. Even the best jobs come with duties that can be a bit tedious, but if you complete them without complaining, you’ll demonstrate your ability to be a team player. Moving up the ladder will increase your visibility, so having a positive outlook is a must.

Upgrade Your Skills

Take inventory of your skills to determine what you’ll need to learn to succeed at the type of responsibilities you’d like to acquire. Show your desire for growth by learning these new abilities in your spare time. This will show your boss you’re serious about advancing your position in the company and willing to put in the time and effort needed.

Lend a Helping Hand

When you finish your tasks before everyone else, don’t just sit there browsing the Internet. Instead, volunteer to assist colleagues inundated with work. There’s no need to broadcast your generosity — doing so could actually backfire — because your boss will definitely notice. This is a great way to prove you have the bandwidth for new responsibilities while showing your commitment to the team.

Take Initiative

Your boss isn’t a mind-reader. Instead of sitting back and hoping they notice you could handle a few new responsibilities, take matters into your own hands by offering to help out on projects that interest you. Put all your effort into every extra assignment, because even the smallest tasks will highlight your ability to take on a larger workload.

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