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How to Use Facebook Jobs in Your Job Search


Facebook has long been a great place to stay in touch with family and friends, but these days, the social networking site can also help you find work. Launched in 2017, Facebook Jobs allows you to search for and apply for work without leaving the site.

Chances are, you probably log a lot of hours on Facebook anyway, so using it to find your next job is a notably efficient use of your time. If you haven’t given this feature a try, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s very simple to use. Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started.

Visit the Facebook Jobs Page

Navigate yourself away from the social side of the site and onto the designated Facebook Jobs page. Take some time to become familiar with the job board, so you feel comfortable with it. Search boxes at the top of the page allow you to type in the location and job title you’re looking for, but you can also enable filters for these aspects and other topics on the right side of the page. Job postings themselves are listed on the left side of the site.

Apply for Jobs on Facebook

Now that you know how to filter jobs to find optimal search results, it’s time to start applying for openings that interest you. After clicking the apply button, you’ll be directed to a separate page where you can upload your resume, share your contact information, experience, skills, education history, and any other details you’d like the employer to know. Some of this data is prepopulated from your Facebook page, but you’re able to make edits.

‘Like’ Company Pages

If you have a specific employer(s) in mind, make it easier to see any job postings listed by ‘liking’ the company’s Facebook page. The site’s algorithm seems to change frequently, but this will increase the chances of the job appearing in your newsfeed. Even if it doesn’t, updates from the company will, serving as a reminder to visit the page often to see if any new openings have been posted.

Check Your Profile Settings

Applying for a job on Facebook doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your privacy. Double check your settings to make sure you’re not oversharing personal information with potential employers. This can keep you from getting hired, so keep a clear divide between your personal and professional presence on the site — as well as all other social networking platforms.

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