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Stay Versatile in Your Engineering Role by Learning These Key Skills


As with most jobs, technology is having a major impact on the engineering world. New advancements are effectively changing the look and feel of the role. Consequently, you ’ll need to sharpen your skills to keep up with these changes and evolve into a modern engineer.

Traditionally, engineers were primarily concerned with fit, form, and function, and while these features are still crucial, the scope of the job has expanded. Improved technology means more opportunities at your fingertips, but also more skills to master and responsibilities to tackle.

3 Skills to Keep You Versatile as an Engineer

There’s a lot of exciting changes happening right now in the engineering world. Hopefully, you’re feeling energized by all the new things going on in the field, but even if you’re not, you still need to get on board, to avoid falling behind. Focus on acquiring these three skills to stay ahead of the curve.

Knowledge of Expanded CAD Programs

In the past, CAD software was primarily used for design, but these days it’s incorporated into the entire project workflow. Stay up-to-date by learning to use it as a tool for the entire project lifecycle. Initially, it will be an adjustment, but when you get used to it, it will help you do your job even better.

Awareness of Manufacturing Innovations

Several manufacturing improvements have materialized in recent years — i.e., additive manufacturing, 5-axis machining — so it’s important to be familiar with these updates. This type of knowledge can help you improve in your current role and will look great on your resume.

Ability to Communicate

Soft skills are just as crucial to the job as those of a more technical nature. Cloud-based CAD programs have increased the speed of collaboration. These days, you’re able to receive comments and critiques in real time, so you need the capacity to communicate with stakeholders and people in other departments who don’t understand highly technical concepts.

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