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Leveraging Your Connections on LinkedIn To Find Job Opportunities


Finding a great new job isn’t easy, but incorporating LinkedIn into your search can make a world of difference. The world’s largest professional network has more than 546 million members in more than 200 countries and territories globally, and these people are right at your fingertips.

You might have a connection who can help you land your dream job, but if not, there’s a good chance someone in your network can get you in touch with that person. LinkedIn is a valuable tool that many job seekers don’t take full advantage of, so learn how to use the site to get ahead.

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Connections to Find a Job

Notify Your Contacts About Your Search

If you’re like most job seekers, you probably don’t want your current employer to find out you’re planning to quit in the near future. Consequently, sharing a LinkedIn status update about your job search is out of the question. Instead, you’ll want to send private InMail messages to contacts you think might be able to assist you.

Find out if they know about any jobs that might be a good fit for you. Even if they don’t have any employment leads, they might be willing to assist in other ways, such as reviewing your resume or inviting you to networking events.

Request Introductions

LinkedIn makes it easy to see your degree of separation from contacts not in your network. People are much more likely to hire candidates who come with a personal recommendation, so search your network for connections linked to people at companies you’re interested in, and ask for an introduction. Even if your connection isn’t familiar with the hiring manager, their contact might be able to get you in touch with the right person.

Seek Informational Interviews

One of the best ways to get ahead is taking advice from others who have been in your shoes. Search LinkedIn to find professionals with the kind of jobs you’d like to have and/or who are working at companies you’re interested in. LinkedIn will tell you if these people are in your network, and if so, ask your shared connection to help you get an informational interview.

While you won’t be interviewing for an actual job, these types of meetings allow you to gain valuable tips and make a new contact who might be able to assist in your search.

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