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Who Should Receive OSHA Training?


Certain types of workplaces are much more dangerous than others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set standards to help employers provide a safe and healthy work environment because everyone deserves to leave work in the same condition they arrived in.

Safety standards are put in place for a reason, so find what type of training is required for your worksite, and what can happen when workers don’t have the knowledge needed to do their jobs the right way.

Workplace Injury Statistics

Even one worker fatality is far too many, but unfortunately, thousands of people are killed on the job each year. In 2016, 5,190 workers were killed at their place of employment, averaging more than 99 deaths per week — or 14 per day — according to OSHA.

Who Should Receive OSHA Training?

Savvy employers understand the importance of OSHA training, but even the most diligent can become confused by the requirements. Many OSHA standards clearly define necessary health and safety standards, while others are a bit more ambiguous.

Released by OSHA, “Training Requirements in OSHA Standards” is a great resource for both employers and workers. In the booklet, training requirements are organized by five categories of the Agency’s standards — General Industry, Maritime, Construction, Agriculture, and Federal Employee Program.

If you’re an employer unsure about the training your workers are required to have, reference this document to make sure people have the knowledge needed to do their jobs properly. Workers should also familiarize themselves with this resource because being informed could prevent a serious illness or injury.

Keep up with important OSHA updates by checking in regularly with the MAC Incorporated blog. Our niche-based recruiting and staffing firm wants to help companies establish and maintain a safe worksite by following OSHA standards and hiring engineering, maintenance, and operations management professionals who put safety first. Contact us today to find a great new job or a talented new worker!


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