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Fast Facts on What Needs to Be on Your Resume for a Management-Level Job


You’ve been in the workforce for several years now, and you’ve learned a lot. Now you’re ready to put those skills to work as a manager. The possibility of leading the pack probably feels simultaneously exciting and terrifying, but as long as you’re taking this step because you truly want to — not because of the elevated salary and perks — you’re doing the right thing.

Before applying for a job in management, you’ll need to give your resume a major overhaul, because your current one won’t cut it. Find out how to write a resume that presents you as a leader, instead of an individual contributor.

4 Things to Include on Your Management-Level Resume

It takes a very special person to be effective in a managerial role, so use these tips to create a resume that shows you have what it takes.

Managerial Skills

You don’t have to management experience to possess managerial skills. Present yourself as management material by highlighting key leadership skills you developed at your current and previous jobs. Use words like coached, established, planned, developed, and motivated to tell your story and drive your fit home.

On-the-Job Experience

Education shouldn’t be a major focus of a managerial resume, because hiring managers assume you wouldn’t be applying without the minimum requirements. Definitely list your credentials, but put them on the bottom of the page. Much of management experience is acquired by doing, so the reader wants to understand what you’ve learned on the job, and how you developed this knowledge.

Leadership-Style Accomplishments

Up until this point in your career, all accomplishments remotely relevant to the job were fair game for your resume, but you need to be more selective for a managerial role. Focus on achievements that highlight your ability to lead others, because being excelling as an individual contributor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be an effective manager.

Expertise Relevant to the Job

As with all jobs, you’ll need to tailor your resume to fit each managerial role you apply to. No two positions are the same, so your resume must highlight your level of expertise in relation to each opportunity. Leading people is the key focus of a management job, but the position will include other responsibilities, so make it clear you can handle every aspect of the role.

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