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Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Managing Millennials


Millennials have been the largest generation in the U.S. workforce since 2015, according to the Pew Research Center, so if your team isn’t entirely composed of these young professionals, you likely have many on staff. By now, you’ve almost certainly noticed millennials are very different than their Generation X and baby boomer peers, meaning you need to adjust your management style accordingly.

4 Management Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Millennials

If you’ve been having trouble retaining millennials or suspect your young staffers aren’t happy, you might inadvertently be making some — or all — of the following mistakes.

Failing to Push Them Hard Enough

Contrary to the lazy reputation they’ve so wrongfully earned, millennials enjoy a good challenge. These professionals become bored if they feel like they don’t have enough on their plate, so allow them to spread their wings. Admittedly, some might not know their own limits, so until they’ve proven themselves, try to assign projects where it’s okay to fail.

Neglecting to Assign Meaningful Work

Older generations might not always like the work assigned by their boss, but as a whole, they unquestioningly do as they’re told. Millennials don’t operate like that. If they feel like they’re doing busywork, they’ll speak up, and if things don’t change, they’ll leave. This generation is out to change the world, and they’re well aware they can’t do this unless they’re working on projects that matter.

Not Allowing Their Voice to Be Heard

Millennials were raised by parents who valued their thoughts and opinions, so they expect their boss to do the same. If you silence them, they won’t feel valued or respected, which will cause them to seek new opportunities where their voice will be heard. The best way to appease them is to sit and listen. They’re not unreasonable people, so they don’t expect you to implement every idea, they just want to contribute to the discussion.

Opting Not to Invest in Them

They grew up in the Information Age, so millennials know firsthand how quickly technology changes. This group has a thirst for knowledge, so they seek companies willing to help them learn and grow. If you don’t provide updated technology and training to allow them keep up with the latest trends impacting your industry, they’ll consider your company behind the curve.

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