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3 Engineering Trends to Keep in Mind


Engineering is a fascinating field with so much to learn, but as someone who works in this arena, you already know that. Whether you’re running a company or working as an engineer, right now is an exciting time for the industry, because so much is happening.

Just as with every disciple, engineering trends come and go, so find out what’s transpiring right now in both innovation and employment matters.

3 Engineering Trends to Keep in Mind


1. Robotics is Hot Right Now


Robots are taking over, and engineers are needed to create and manage these amazing machines. As more companies continue to incorporate robots and drones into their business model — i.e., warehouses like Amazon — expect to see more jobs appear to meet this demand. It’s likely the uses for robotic technology will continue to increase, meaning this trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future.


2. The Unemployment Rate is on the Decline


It’s a job seeker’s market out there right now. The unemployment rate has been on a steady decline since 2010, but it dropped to its current rate of 4.1% in October 2017 and was still there as of January 2018.

This is great for engineers looking to pursue new opportunities because it means less competition for jobs. On the other hand, it will make hiring more challenging for employers. Competition for top talent will be more intense than it’s been in recent years, meaning employers will be under pressure to provide an enticing compensation package, perks, and company culture to attract the best candidates.


3. Job Growth Varies Among Engineering Fields


As every engineering professional and employer knows, this is a very vast line of work. Consequently, some engineering disciplines are gaining serious traction, while the demand for others is becoming increasingly lower.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in the engineering field as a whole to increase 8% through 2026 — compared with 7% for all occupations. A breakdown of some of the main engineering subsets reveals demand will vary greatly by type. For example, during this timeframe, jobs for civil engineers are expected to increase 11%, 9% for electrical engineers and 9% for mechanical engineers, but only 4% for nuclear engineers.

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