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Is Your Resume Making You Stand Out From the Crowd?


Finding a job you’re interested in enough to apply for is exciting, but chances are, you’re up against plenty of other candidates who share the same sentiment. On average, 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening, according to data from ERE Media.

If your resume isn’t truly fantastic, it will get lost in the stacks of other applications, so learn how to present yourself in the best possible manner.

5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

1. Tailor It for Each Opportunity

Submitting the same general resume for every job opening used to be the standard, but this practice is no longer acceptable. The savviest candidates know hiring managers want to read a resume tailored specifically for the opportunity at-hand, so they happily oblige. This definitely takes more time and effort, but if you want to get hired, it’s a step you can’t skip.

2. Quantify Accomplishments

Your resume isn’t the place to be ambiguous. Instead of just naming a few key accomplishments relevant to the position, take it a step further by quantifying them. For example, rather than saying you refined a process that allowed the team to work faster, say you refined a process that allowed the team to complete work 30% faster. The more specific you get, the more you’ll intrigue the reader.

3. Incorporate Keywords

When employers receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening, they can’t realistically read each one. Consequently, many use software to scan the documents for certain keywords related to the job. If yours doesn’t contain a high enough percentage of these terms and phrases, you probably won’t make the cut. Avoid this by scanning the job description for terms used several times throughout the copy. Find a way to naturally work these words into your content, so it doesn’t get tossed to the side before it’s had a fair chance to be evaluated.

4. Take Time to Proofread

Submitting a resume laden with spelling and grammatical errors will certainly make you stand out, but not in the way you want to be noticed. Spellcheck doesn’t catch every error, so always proofread several times with your own two eyes. If possible, ask at least one other person you trust to take a look at it, because they might catch mistakes you inadvertently overlooked.

5. Include a Cover Letter

Many employers don’t require a cover letter but make it an optional submission. This is a chance to further sell yourself as the best person for the job, so don’t pass it up. A cover letter gives you more space to explain why you’re the perfect fit for the position, allowing you to expand on the content provided in your resume. Taking the extra time to write one is well worth the investment.

Market Yourself Like a Professional

If you’re ready to embark on a search for a rewarding new engineering, maintenance or operations management position, MAC Incorporated is here to assist. We have connections with many industry-leading employers, and we’d like to put them to work for you. Take the first step toward a great new job today!

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