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Best Practices to Retain Your Best Employees


Right now, your employment roster is filled with incredible talent. Your company is thriving because you have a crop of seriously skilled professionals on your team. This is fantastic, but if you want it to stay this way, you need to make sure your business is the type of place top employees want to put down long-term roots.

Find out how to keep your A-list staffers satisfied, so they’re not tempted to see what else is out there.

4 Best Practices to Retain Your Top Employees


1. Treat Them With Kindness

Being nice is a very simple concept, but management at some companies just can’t handle it. No one wants to work in a hostile environment where they’re belittled, treated unfairly and forced to walk on eggshells.

Take note of the manner in which you and other managers behave toward employees. If it’s anything less than extremely kind and supportive, make an immediate attitude adjustment.

2. Give Them a Voice

Your best employees are bright people with brilliant ideas, so give them a platform to shine. Ask them for input on projects and give them the freedom to complete assignments their own way.

Talented, ambitious people want to make a difference. If you silence them, they’ll be forced to seek a new employer where their contributions are respected and valued.

3. Make Room to Grow

Your best employees have big plans for their career. After mastering their current roles, they’ll be ready for a fresh challenge. If there’s no room to grow at your company, they’ll have no choice but to head elsewhere.

Work with these people to map career growth at your organization. This might mean you have to create some new positions, but it’s worth it to keep them on your team.

4. Compensate Them Fairly

Money isn’t everything, but it does guide a person’s standard of living. On an annual basis, check to make sure the salaries you’re paying top talent to align with industry standards for your local area. If you find your staff is underpaid, try to infuse more cash into payroll to at least get them up to the average mark.

Of course, you might not be able to swing this, and if that’s the case, find other ways to sweeten the deal. This might involve allowing people to work from home a couple days per week or making your workplace pet-friendly.

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