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When Is The Right Time To Make a Career Move?


Deciding when to make a career move can be tough because the right time is different for everyone. Chances are, if you’re contemplating a job change, you already know the answer.

Of course, things aren’t always cut and dry. You might’ve worked with the same team for years and feel nervous to see what else is out there or maybe you have a great job, but a toxic company culture has taken the fun out of it. Only you can determine when it’s time to cut ties.

5 Signs It’s Time to Make a Career Move

You’re No Longer Challenged

In the beginning, your job was exciting. You were constantly learning and growing, which kept you engaged. However, things have changed. These days the work has become monotonous, as your job consists of completing the same repetitive tasks.

Knowing exactly what each day holds — and how to perform every task on your agenda — is comfortable, but you’re not doing your career any favors. If you don’t remember the last time you felt challenged, it’s time to find a job that stimulates you.

You’re Frequently Bored

Work should be enjoyable, so if you’re bored more often than not, that’s a problem. You spend at least 40 hours per week working, which is a lot of time wasted on something that doesn’t interest you. You owe it to yourself to find a new job that actually makes you excited to get up and go to work each day.

Your Efforts Aren’t Appreciated

Great work shouldn’t go unnoticed. If your boss rarely — if ever — acknowledges your outstanding efforts, moving on to another company that doesn’t take you for granted is probably a great idea. You deserve to be valued, so if your current employer isn’t up to the task, plenty of others will be happy to have you onboard.

You’re Not Adequately Rewarded

As a great worker, you give a lot to your job, so you should get something in return. Some jobs pay well and/or give enticing perks, while the rewards from others come from doing something you’re passionate about. Whatever the case, if you feel like the costs of your job are starting to outweigh the benefits, it might be time to move on.

Your Work Environment Has Become Unhealthy

A toxic work environment can easily cast a negative shadow over your life. If your company culture is poor or your boss is a monster, get out as soon as you can. Things might be bad now, but they’ll likely go even farther downhill, so there’s no need to subject yourself to unhealthy surroundings.

Take the Next Step

Ready to make a career move? MAC Incorporated wants to help you find the right fit. Count on us to connect you with an industry-leading employer, whether you’re searching for an engineering, maintenance, or operations management position. Let’s get started today!

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