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How to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy


Happy employees are the key to a productive and engaged team. People who feel fulfilled by their jobs are passionate about the work itself and the company they represent.

If you’re not sure if your team is happy, pay closer attention to their behavior. People who are constantly cranky, frequently absent, and spend most of the day watching the clock probably aren’t satisfied. On the other hand, employees who enjoy each other’s company, are always filled with innovative ideas, and don’t hesitate to pitch in where needed are likely very content.

Of course, your actions also largely contribute to employee happiness. As the boss, things you do and don’t do have an enormous impact.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

Treat Them Well

Simply put, if you don’t treat your staff with respect, they’re probably not happy. Negative behaviors, like talking down to them, micromanaging, and being short-tempered don’t make for an amazing boss. Employees are under you on the company org chart, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually beneath you.

Request Feedback

One of the easiest ways to find out if staffers are happy is go to directly to the source. Some people will be happy to give you an honest earful face-to-face, but other’s won’t be comfortable delivering the brutal truth. Consequently, it’s best to administer anonymous online surveys on an annual or biannual basis.

Provide a Solid Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes no one happy. If your team frequently works nights, weekends, and sometimes even holidays, it’s time to cut back. Hire more people if necessary, because employees need time away from the office where they can truly unplug and recharge.

Create a Culture of Positivity

Make your company a rewarding place to work by crafting a fun, encouraging culture. Recognize employee achievements — even the little ones — don’t penalize people for trying and failing, and find time to let loose and have fun with your team.

Show an Interest in Them

From an employee’s perspective, it doesn’t feel great to work for a boss who barely knows your name and what you do. Make your employees feel special by showing an interest in them as people. Regularly engage them in casual conversation to learn about their hobbies, families, and weekend plans. It’s the little things that mean the most.

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