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How to Stay Motivated During an Extended and Frustrating Job Search


When you’re unemployed or seriously unhappy in your current role, every day your job search drags on can feel like an eternity. According to the 2015 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 41% of companies have an average time-to-hire of 31 to 60 days. If yours passed this mark long ago, your feelings of frustration are totally understandable.

By now, you’re probably tired of listening to people tell you to be patient, but they’re right. You’re a talented person with a lot to offer any employer so you will land something great.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During an Extended Job Search

1. Find a Mentor

Right now, you probably feel like you’re the only one who’s ever had a long, drawn-out job search, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A mentor can offer tips to help improve your job search, introduce you to contacts in their network, and lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. Get inspired by knowing your mentor was once in your shoes but worked their way up to the top — just as you will.

2. Track Your Accomplishments

If your only goal is to get a job, it’s no wonder you’re feeling frustrated. Focus on all the great things you’re doing by breaking your job search down into smaller goals. Set a few daily or weekly challenges and monitor your progress. When you achieve something notable, celebrate your success!

3. Give Yourself a Break

Dedicate a significant amount of time to your job search, but not your entire life. Take a day or two off from the process each week to keep it from becoming all-consuming. Burnout happens when you become so laser-focused on a task that you can’t see straight.

4. Make Healthy Choices

The lifestyle you lead largely impacts your energy level and general well-being, so make positive choices. Eat healthy, exercise, and opt to be around people who lift your spirits. Present your very best self to potential employers by maintaining a good mental and physical state.

5. Donate Some of Your Free Time

It’s hard to feel blue when you’re helping others. Find a cause close to your heart and give at least an hour of your time each week to it. This will get you out of your job search bubble and help you stay centered.

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