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Improving Your Job Search Starts With These Tips


If it’s been a while since you started your job search, you’re probably feeling a bit discouraged. The average time to hire in the U.S. is 43 days, according to a 2015 Jobvite survey, so if you’re encroaching on this number, it’s time to switch things up.

Make your job search a success by incorporating these tips into your strategy.

  1. Customize Your Resume

Submitting the same generic resume for every opportunity is convenient, but won’t impress a hiring manager. To get noticed, you need to tailor your resume for every job. This means incorporating relevant keywords, modifying bullet points under each job and even reconfiguring your format to best suit the position.

  1. Use Social Media

Job boards and HR websites are no longer the only way to find work. Popular social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a great way to connect with potential employers. Just make sure any profile used showcases you in a strictly professional manner. Make new contacts, highlight your own work and demonstrate your industry knowledge to get on the radar of people who can change your professional life for the better.

  1. Reach Out to Your Contacts

Hiring decisions hold a lot of weight, so managers gravitate towards candidates who come with a personal recommendation. Let your network know you’re seeking new opportunities so they can keep their eyes and ears open for you. If someone finds a position that interests you, request a personal introduction to the hiring manager to increase your chances of success.

  1. Network Like Your Job Depends on It

Your existing contacts are great, but you can never have too many well-connected people in your corner. Work hard to expand your network by joining a relevant professional association — or two — and attending as many events as possible. Perfect your elevator pitch, bring business cards and set a goal of connecting with at least a few people at each event.

Enhance Your Job Search

If you’re ready to take on a new engineering, maintenance or operations management role, MAC Incorporated wants to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can connect you with industry-leading opportunities you won’t find anywhere else!


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