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What Should You REALLY Look for When Conducting a Background Check


As an honest employer, you want to believe top candidates have portrayed themselves in an authentic manner, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. When there’s something to hide, certain people will find ways to evade the truth, or outright lie to you. Consequently, background checks are always a good idea.

Results of a March 2017 CareerBuilder survey revealed 18 percent of employers have made a bad hire because they opted not to conduct a background check. Of course, all background check providers aren’t created equal — 29 percent of respondents said receiving bad information about a candidate caused them to make a bad hire — so do your research before partnering up.

4 Topics to Cover in a Background Check

1. Employment Verification

Make sure everything the candidate has told you about their previous jobs is true. Reach out to each former employer listed on their resume to verify dates of employment, job title, the reason for departure, general responsibilities associated with the role and salary.

2. Education Record

It might seem unbelievable, but many high-profile professionals have lied about their educational history — e.g., former MIT Dean of Admissions Marilee Jones. Call the school to confirm the person’s graduation date, major and GPA.

3. Criminal Past

The last thing you want is to hire a new employee with a criminal background who could put your employees, company or both in danger. You’ll need to adhere to proper Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rules, to obtain this information. way.

4. Credit History

After receiving permission from the employee, you might decide to run a credit check. Rules regarding this practice vary by state, but if you’re allowed to proceed, results can be telling. Mainly helpful for jobs with a financial aspect, the manner in which a person conducts their own finances can be indicative of their ability to succeed in the position.

Performing a background check on all candidates is a smart move you won’t regret. However, pay close attention to all applicable rules and make sure any company you hire to perform this service does too, because you could be liable for their actions. Before starting the process, research rules governing your state and industry.

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