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Common Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Questioning Your Career Path


At some point in their career, most people have a few moments of self-reflection, causing them to wonder if they’re on the right path. For many, this feeling is fleeting, triggered by a bad day or a feeling of temporary insecurity. However, if you regularly find yourself wondering if you made the right career choice, there might be more to it.

Much of your life is spent at work, so the importance of having a job you enjoy cannot be emphasized enough. Find the root of your career doubt by asking yourself these three questions.

Is your current career path sustainable?

Many aspects play into the staying power of your career. You have to enjoy the work, be relatively good at it, and earn enough money to support your lifestyle. If any of these ingredients is off, it will cause you to wonder if you’re on the right path. It’s important to know you’re building a solid future where you’ll be happy and fulfilled.

Are you truly passionate about the work?

If you’re not truly excited about the company you work for or the industry you’re in, it’s time to explore your options. Your interests may have simply changed since you started the job or perhaps you were motivated by an impressive salary or generous paid time off. Either way, you won’t find lasting career satisfaction if you’re not engaged — and you deserve better than that.

Do you like the way your future looks?

Perhaps you’re content in your current position, but you’re not sure if the next step is something you want. Whether you don’t really want a senior role at your current company or you can’t envision yourself in this industry 10 years down the road, it’s important to identify exactly what’s holding you back. It might be a simple fix like finding a similar job at a company that best suits you or it may require a major career overhaul.

Find the Right Fit

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