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5 Common Interview Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job


Job interviews can be very nerve-wracking — even for the most confident candidates. Often times, you don’t have much advance notice, so you’re forced to get everything together in a matter of days.

You need to devise responses to common interview questions, research the company, get your best suit dry cleaned and show up to the interview on time if you want to make a great first impression. In the midst of your preparations, it’s also important to think about the types of behaviors to avoid, as exhibiting these can effectively cancel out all of your hard work.

Don’t Make These 5 Common Interview Mistakes

If you really want the job, you must avoid making any of these blunders during your interview:

  1. Failing to Explain Your Strengths: A job interview is your chance to really sell yourself. Come prepared with stories of past accomplishments relevant to the position that can make you stand out from the other candidates. Saying you have a skill is one thing, but demonstrating your ability to add value is another.
  2. Rambling On and On and On…: Many people are nervous talkers. If you’re one of them, you need to be cognizant of this and pull it together for the interview. Think before you speak and if you catch yourself trying to talk over the hiring manager, pause and let them finish their thought.
  3. Embellishing the Truth: Every candidate wants to impress the interviewer, but lying won’t get you very far. If you make outrageous promises you can’t deliver and embellish your skills, the hiring manager will catch on to your game and they won’t be impressed. You were chosen for the interview based on your own qualifications, so just stick to those you actually have.
  4. Speaking Poorly of a Previous Employer: No matter how much you hate your current job or a position in your past, you cannot exhibit even the slightest hint of negativity. If you say bad things about a previous employer, the interviewer will assume you’ll one day do the same to their company. No one wants to hire a future liability.
  5. Showing No Enthusiasm for the Job: If you don’t seem excited about the position and can’t even explain why you want it, why should the hiring manager take a chance on you? Smile a lot and show that you’re genuinely excited at the potential to join the team, to make it clear that you really do want the job.

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