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How to Address Overqualification During a Job Interview


In most cases, having years of work experience under your belt can only help your chances of getting a job. However, it doesn’t necessarily work that way when applying for jobs that are obviously beneath your skill level. You may have to work a little harder to convince the hiring manager that you’re serious about the job, as no one wants to hire someone just looking to fill the gaps until a better opportunity comes along.

4 Ways to Handle Being Overqualified for a Job

Preparing to interview for a job you’re clearly overqualified for? Use these four tips to effectively tackle the issue:

  1. Address Your Overqualification: Don’t allow the fact that you’re more than qualified for the job to become an elephant in the room. Beat the interviewer to it by acknowledging the issue. Reassure them you won’t be bored, are comfortable receiving a lower salary and have the utmost respect for authority.
  2. Emphasize Your Interest in the Position: Make it clear that you wouldn’t be applying for the job if you weren’t genuinely interested it in it. Use solid reasoning to explain why the position caught your eye. This could be anything from wanting more time to spend with your family, to a strong desire to get back to your roots.
  3. Sell Yourself: It’s no secret that you already have what it takes to excel at the position, so use this to sell yourself as the best person for the job. Describe the advantages you have to offer, such as requiring little-to-no training, a vast network of connections and the good judgement needed to work independently.
  4. Avoid Looking Desperate: If you’re currently out of work, you may be willing to take any available position, but don’t let this desperation show. No one wants to hire someone eager to take on just any job — they want a candidate who is excited for this specific position. It’s obvious that you’re qualified to do the job, so you need to make it clear that the work is something you’re really excited about.

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