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As a plant manager, you spend each day juggling different responsibilities and working closely with a diverse group of people. From production and manufacturing to making sure policies and procedures are followed in all departments, you’re charged with making sure everything operates smoothly.  In other words, you rely on having engaged workers that stay motivated and continue to produce successful results for the organization.

Plant management can be an ever-changing and satisfying career, but it does require great leadership skills.  Here are a few tips for overseeing and motivating employees so they continue to achieve great results.

Walk Around.

If you really want your employees to be successful, you have to be present and be involved.  Walk around the workplace and talk to your employees.  Not only will you form a better manager/employee relationship, you’ll know much more about your operations by seeing them first hand.  You’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not. Workplaces with engaged leaders greatly outperform those without.

Communicate Effectively.

Effective plant managers know how to communicate on different levels with different types of people. Your ability to get your message across to your staff, your superiors, and your customers is an essential skill that will frequently be put to the test.  Use an assortment of communication vehicles, verbal and written, to establish a better understanding with each audience.

Communication is also vital for workplace transparency.  When shifts change, valuable information faces the risk of not reaching all workers. Enforce consistent use of products to label items in the plant with regard to safety and all important information.

Assess Performance and be Willing to Adapt.

As you know from your time on the job, plants are shifting environments and, as a plant manager, you sometimes have to do more with less.  It’s important to assess performance through both qualitative and quantitative measures and know how to make changes to bring performance in line with organizational goals.

Reward Productive Behavior.

In a plan, productivity is the measure of how many orders can be processed in a day.  The more productive each department is, the more orders can be processed each day.  It’s important to track the productivity of each department and create incentives that reward productive employees.

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Mix in the occasional opportunity for employees to gather and enjoy a company-sponsored event.  Even if it’s just a pizza luncheon or a Friday happy hour, it shows you appreciate their hard work.  If you want to keep employees engaged, you need to show appreciation.

The bottom line in being a plant manager is you have to keep your employees happy and engaged if you want to meet your goals.

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