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Post-Interview Tips to Stay Top of Mind


You just aced your first interview for the operations management position you really want.  Now what?  Don’t be like the other candidates and let the waiting game get the best of you while the firm is undergoing their decision process.  Use these tips to stay top of mind and give yourself a competitive advantage over the other applicants.

Send a Thank You Email.
Within 24 hours of leaving your interview, send a thank you email to everyone you met with.   Keep the email short by thanking the interviewers for their time and letting them know your high level of interest in the position.  Make sure to include one or two buzzwords (such as efficient or innovative) that interviewers used to describe the organization.  This will show that not only were you very attentive during the interview, you were able to remember what is important to the company.

Send a separate email to the person in charge of hiring for the operations position.  It is important that you connect with this person as much as possible, since they will make the final decision regarding which candidate gets hired.  This email serves as a final attempt to show you exemplify the characteristics they’re looking for in a candidate.

Be Punctual.
If you make any promises in the interview, like sending over additional references or details about a project you worked on, make sure you follow through promptly.  Keeping your word and answering requests will show the employer the type of employee you would be.

Follow Them.
Not literally of course, since you want to get a job –not a restraining order.  However, you should follow the firm in the digital atmosphere.  Find out whether the organization has a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn where they post about their work and relative topics in the manufacturing industry.  Like and Share their posts to show you’re interested in what they’re saying and are willing to incorporate them into your online presence.

Keep Learning About the Company.
Many job candidates make the mistake of treating the interview, as the final stage of the hiring process.  However, you never know when the company will make follow-up phone calls or ask you back for a second interview.  In order to be prepared, continue to research the organization and their involvement in the industry until you’ve received word of their final decision. Use this time to brush up on your process optimization and supply chain management knowledge. This will show that you didn’t stop caring about the company as soon as you left the interview.

Keep in Touch.
If you haven’t heard back from anyone within the time period the interviewer said you could expect to, follow up by email or phone call.  This is especially important if you were one of the first people interviewed, since you want to ensure they still know you’re interested.  However, when following up make sure you don’t appear agitated or pushy, which can be a major turnoff for employers.  Let them know that your only concerns are curiosity and interest.


In a competitive job market, it is important to follow up and reiterate your interest during the decision period.  We at MAC Incorporated, hope you use these tips to stay top of mind after your interview.  If you’re still looking for operations management positions, we encourage you to check out our online career center or contact a recruiter today.   Our team is fully committed to finding you the right career opportunity.

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