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How to Manage Conflict Between Employees


Ideally, your employees would be a tight-knit team who always support one another and get along beautifully. However, it doesn’t always go this way. Workplaces are filled with a variety of personalities, and sometimes they don’t mix. Even employees who typically get along have moments of discord they can’t easily resolve themselves. As the boss,… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Getting Your PE


If you’re thinking about earning your professional engineer license, this can be an incredible move for your career. Having this designation to your name can open doors not possible without it. Do note, certification requirements differ by state, so if you decide to take the leap, be sure to get certified in the state where… Read more »

Most In-Demand Skilled Trades in 2019


Skilled trades is a broad field encompassing plenty of talents. From electricians to roofers, this employment category is crucial to society as we know it. If you’re already working a skilled trade or considering pursuing a career in one of these areas, you’re in for a very rewarding experience. Demand for all occupations is projected… Read more »

How to Hire for Soft Skills


Hiring for hard skills is relatively simple. A candidate either proves they have the ability at hand or not — it’s a pretty cut and dry process. However, things aren’t so straightforward when hiring for soft skills. You can’t just ask a candidate if they’re an effective communicator or have the capacity to display empathy… Read more »

How Employees Can Ensure Compliance in the Workplace


Compliance in the workplace can literally be a matter of life or death. Many workers mistakenly assume their employer is the only who has the power to ensure a safe work environment, but that isn’t the case. You have the right to work in a safe space free of serious known hazards. The Occupational Safety… Read more »

Even If You Don’t Have a Job Opening, You Better Be Recruiting!


It’s a challenge to find quality skilled trades professionals in today’s competitive market. Of course, if you’ve had to fill an open position this past year, this isn’t news to you. The importance of hiring quality candidates cannot be emphasized enough, so it’s time to change your approach. Partnering with a top recruiting firm is… Read more »

Common Interview Mistakes You May Be Making


Landing an interview for a job you’re really interested in is always exciting. However, that excitement quickly turns into frustration when you’re passed up by another candidate — especially when it becomes a habit. If you’ve been scoring a good amount of interviews, but still haven’t received an offer, it’s very possible you’re inadvertently doing… Read more »

5 Tips for Staying Awake During the Night Shift


Working the night shift can be very hard on the body. Humans are naturally programmed to be awake during daylight hours and sleep when it’s dark out, but your work schedule doesn’t currently allow that. It’s certainly possible to adjust to working nights, but you still need to be aware of side effects commonly realized… Read more »

Having Trouble Finding Good Engineers? Here’s Why…


Engineers are in high demand. Nearly 140,000 new engineering jobs are expected to be created through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This need, paired with the 3.7 percent unemployment rate, as of September 2018, means it’s an engineering candidate’s market. Since engineers have their choice of employers, you really have to step… Read more »

Overcoming a Stall in Your Job Search


The unemployment rate has been at a record low for a while now, which you thought would work to your favor. You’re a talented professional with a lot to offer an employer, so the right job is definitely out there, you just haven’t found it yet. You were seeing some interest from potential employers, but… Read more »

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